Chérie Amour is your typical millennial trying to pull herself up by her bootstraps! They said we are lazy but I think we are pretty creative at making a way for ourselves!

After graduating in the Fall of 2007, perfect timing, with a degree in Media Arts and two minors in Photography and Costume Design. I found out quickly, the economy had no time for dreamers. So after a few lay offs, I found myself moving to Austin (along with the other five thousand people). Where it was said the streets were pave with gold.

There was no gold, but loads of Strongbow. But I was where I needed to be; in a city of dreamers. Soon I found myself with two creative jobs and one job to pay the bills. Things eventually settled down and three jobs became one; in Web Design.

After some time, I found myself back in school. Slowly working my way to a degree in Robotics but this time out of my own pocket. Slowly. The price of school and supplies made me remember those old degrees and how I could actually use them. Especially to tackle that pesky student load debt! So I decided to dust off those degrees and start making a way for myself. But this does not mean forgetting others. I believes we all need to look out for one another, so each month a percentage of my sales will go to a non-profit organization. If you have a non-profit that you would like to suggest, please give me a shout and let me know all about it!

Also, if you have a blog or online store that you would like to share, please do! It’s important for artists to support one another, to keep the community strong. It’s important to share and help each other improve. Because when the zombies apocalypse comes, someone is going to have to brighten up the those abandon hide outs and sew the survival kit sacks!

Peace, Love and DIY!


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