Community Forge

Community First! Village in Austin, TX is a 27-acre community that is determined to tackle homeless in Central Texas. They provide affordable and sustainable housing to individual that qualify for their program. Individual who are usually chronically homeless, for many reasons, including disability. The community is made up of beautiful, modern and well constructed tiny houses. I had my eye on a very cute home, constructed with two room, divided by a gorgeous wood paneled porch.

Projects like Community First!, are unfortunately, an essential necessity in communities across the country. Austin is particularly concerned with homelessness, as a large percentage of traffic deaths each year in Austin, are homeless citizens. Austin is making a push for zero traffic deaths by 2025. To learn more about they effort, check out the story, originally aired on Austin’s local NPR station, KUT.

This community helps Austin in it’s efforts to cut homeless, and in turn, the traffic fatality rate. Community First! provides not only the pride of home ownership, but the pride of being a part of a strong community. With it’s own garden, beehive providing honey, event area, worship center, a Metro bus stop available to the residents. The community even has it’s own forging work space; the community forge.

This year, Community First! held a forging competition in the work space, where teams of blacksmiths from across the country came to join in the friendly competition. It was a brilliant display of skill, endurance and creativity. There were two 3 hour sessions of the competition, I attended the second session in support of my friends; The Dead Presidents from Cardondale, IL. Zach Lihatsh and Dan Neville, worked away for three hours. To be honest, I had no clue what they were building. For a moment, I thought it was some kind of abstract stool. But knowing my friends’ creativity and ingenuity, I knew it was going to be something brilliant. And I was right! Though I was confused, their fellow smiths knew exactly what it was and greatly appreciated their piece. In the end, the People’s Choice went to The Dead President’s, as well as 3rd place. Because of my bias and excitement for my friends, I completely forgot who placed 1st! Oops.

Community First! Village is a beautiful effort in our community and it could use a lot of support. To show support and compassion to our fellow citizens and family on this spaceship Earth. You can donate, sponsor a project or lend a hand and assistant with building. Please visit Community First! Village to see how you can show your support!




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