The Pride

SXSW 2016 Peeps On The Streets

With the approach of spring, comes Spring Break, SXSW, St. Paddy’s Day and allergy season! And let’s say this year all four hit me pretty hard! Usually I spend a couple of days, walking around SX, meeting new people and taking photos. But this year, Mother Nature had me in bed, struggle to breathe. Days passed and SX was coming to an end; I still had not had quality time with my camera. I was losing precious SX time, so I gave myself a pep talk out of bed, downed so meds, stock piled tissues, grabbed my bike and hit the streets of SX. To continue my SXSW Peeps On The Streets series.

SX is one of my favorite times of the year to hit the streets with my camera. The city and the people are decked out in their best “dress to express” fashion. The colors and scenery are always on point, there is so much to work with. You always get a variety of stories to tell through the lens; I look forward to it every year!





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