Tribe of the Tribe | Web Design

It’s always an interesting situation when working with clients overseas. From the time difference, to the difference in vocabulary and verbal pronunciation. I found Tribe of the Tree a very unique experience when it came to difference is design cultures.

From the start, I knew I would have to think way out of the box for this project. As it would not be functioning as a typical e-commerce website. I knew we wanted to push the design, while providing a fluid UX interface. As usual we worked as a team but I had the reins of this design and I wanted it to be sleek. We worked through the design for a few days and were very proud of what we had to presence. Now, we are usually prepared to sell the design, explaining the reason for our choices and how it would work best for the company. But in this case, we found that it was not just getting over that wall of selling it as the best design. It was getting over the wall of cultural differences.

Usually, when we are having trouble getting the client to understand that our design would work best from their business, we can just use simple design logic to help show them the light. But in this case, the client actually explained to us that the design was too ahead of where Australia is now; design-wise. We had to actually pull back the design. This was a first for us and with some time and patience, we understood what the client needed and provided them with a great website.

You can see the difference from the top of the example below; our purposed Landing design. To the bottom section; the final product of the interior design. It was not what we wanted but as a designer, if is important to take the time to listen to the client. Because they will always know their customers and market better than you!
Tribe of the Tree Website Design


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