The Ice Dragon

imageThere are two things that I truly adore dragons and short stories. I was extremely excited to find this short story by George R. R. Martin on sale during one of my splurges at Half-Priced Books!

I have been waiting to read this story for a while and was really excited to get started. I finished my dinner and jumped into bed early that night, I could not wait to hear the tale of the Ice Dragon. Unfortunately about an hour later I realized that skipping dessert that night and heading straight to bed, was not worth it!

Once I was done I was left with that empty feeling I close the book and thought maybe I picked up a defective copy; maybe a few pages got excluded or ripped out of mine. Or maybe I accidentally skipped some pages while reading. I sat there for a few minutes with the book in my lap and thought that couldn’t have been the whole story! It fault like I just read through an episode of Drunken History.

The stories seem to skip important points about characters and their emotions. The reason behind their behaviors, the purpose of their actions. It seemed to rush to through the end and gave unnecessary information. It just seemed like things were just happening just because, which made it was hard for you to get attached or have any emotions for the main character.

The story just felt very unresolved for me and left me with a bit of a loss of purpose. I would really like to know others’ opinions on this story. For me it left me feeling a bit lost and really wishing that The Ice Dragon didn’t leave me with such a cold feeling.



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